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Barringtons featured in Professional Security Magazine   -  March 2018


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What makes a leader?  #SirAlexAward   -  written by: Peter Farrington MABI.Peter Farrington MABI.

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Whether anybody likes Sir Alex Ferguson or not ( I do by the way ), there is no denying he was a tremendous leader in his chosen field of professional football. Even as a supporter of Liverpool FC, I am quick to recognise great leadership when I see it. People with his skills and ability are in short supply.


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Barringtons Launch Training Offering   -  July 2014


In order to raise awareness with litigation fee earners of the make-up and added value activities of the Litigation Support sector, the potential risks involved and how to mitigate those risks; Barringtons is to provide free training presentations to the legal sector.


‘Litigation Support : Adding Value & Mitigating Risk’ is a 40 minute training presentation followed by opportunities for Q&As


Within the judicial system and beyond, the use of investigators in litigation support has been widespread for over 150 years. The activities of the less scrupulous elements of the investigation sector have more recently drawn public and political interest. Several cases ended in criminal convictions and prison sentences for using unlawful means to obtain information on behalf of their clients.


Those commissioning some of the activities have equally come under judicial scrutiny. Ongoing criminal investigations by SOCA (now the NCA) and the Home Affairs Select Committee threaten to publish a list of instructing companies, including law firms. The Information Commissioner has clearly stated that companies cannot turn a blind eye to the methods used on their behalf and must face the full force of the law if they do not take steps to ensure information is legally obtained.


The SRA Code of Conduct commits solicitors to:

• Provide services to clients in a manner which protects their interests in their matter, and

• Outsource services only when they are satisfied that the provider has taken all appropriate steps to ensure that clients’ confidential information will be protected. [SRA Code of Conduct 2011, Para’sO(1.2) and IB(4.3)].


In an ever-increasing compliance conscious commercial world, many high worth clients take greater care in how those to whom they pass instructions handle their sensitive data and the methodology adopted in their name. Offering potential clients the assurance of compliance by outsourced contractors is a potential game-winner when submitting tenders.


The training presentation covers:

a. An outline of how the private investigation sector is made up;

b. The rogue elements plying for the attention and instructions from law firms;

c. The historical road to regulation;

d. An explanation of the Phone Hacking saga and associated implications;

e. The legal risks involved in using unaccredited litigation support agents;

f. A strategy to manage those risks.


For further information contact:

Tony Imossi

M: +44 7768 180 130

E: T.Imossi@Barringtons.World



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